Yogyakarta Tour Driver : Private Tour with Sum Guide

Yogyakarta Tour Driver : Private Tour with Sum Guide


Hello! We are Alvaro Tour, we are trained to be nice, friendly and professional drivers for you.

Yogyakarta is a city of memories, every corner has its own story and history. From the tradition of Royal Palace, culture of society to the gorgeous view of natural place like beaches and mountains. It is all offered to you.

Cannot wait to share her hospitality with you. Please make time then the driver team will show you the great Borobudur and the beautiful Prambanan also find out the hidden secret of Merapi mountain or just walk along the beach line.

Chat us please about your arrival. One of the team will meet you up and is ready to be your private driver and guide in and around Yogyakarta.


We are flexible with any schedule and any budget but it is always better to have the root to follow and a good communication makes perfect for price.

  1. To be your private driver for Sunrise at Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta (only) would cost IDR 400K
  2. To be your private driver for destination around Yogyakarta would cost IDR 500K
  3. Pick up airport/Hotel - Prambanan Temple - Kraton ( Sultan Palace ) - Borobudur Temple. - IDR 450k
  4. Pick up airport/Hotels - Borobudur Temple - Kali Adem - Prambanan Temple. ( Extra visit : Mendhut Temple, Pawon Temple ) - IDR. 500k
  5. Pick up airport/Hotel - Indrayanti beach - Sundak Beach - Krakal Beach - Kukup Beach - Baron Beach - IDR. 500k
  6. Dieng Plateau ONLY - IDR. 600k

These price are for standard multi purpose vehicle (MPV) with comfortable seats for 5 passengers + 1 driver also with normal air conditioner (AC) + mineral water + gasoline is included.

If you have a bigger group we can suggest and provide the ideal vehicle for the group.

Isuzu Elf Short / Long = 10 / 15 seats, Toyota Hiace = 15 seats, Medium / Large Bus = 30 / 50 seats 

Feel free to chat us. We can discuss about the itinerary of your trip and we can purpose also suggest about the place, the price, and the accomodation. Please remember, as long as we communicate all the things, the problems are solved.


Many interesting places in Yogyakarta, it needs a plan to make it easier to be visited. These are some packages for you or you can arrange it as you needed.

Please ask questions to make your trip more exciting and memorable. Do not hesitate to make your own itinerary and you can discuss with us, indeed we would love to assist and give some suggestions.

Jog Tour Package 1

ELO RIVER RAFTING (IDR 450k for 5 pax)


•Transportation with English speaking driver

•Parking fee

•Mineral water

Jog Tour Package 2 (IDR 450k for 5 pax)


  • Pick up at the hotel at 06.00 AM
  • Borobudur Temple
  • Pawon Temple
  • Mendut Temple
  • Merapi Lava Tour with JEEP IDR 400K (Jeep is excluded)
  • Prambanan Temple
  • Back to the hotel

Jog Tour Package 3 (IDR 450k for 5 pax)


  • Pick up at the hotel at 08.00 AM
  • Sultan Palace
  • Taman Sari Water Castle
  • Pine Forest
  • Parang Kusumo Sand Dune
  • Sunset at Parangtritis with carriage (carriage is excluded, price is IDR 200K)
  • Back to the hotel

Jog Tour Packages 4 (IDR 500k for 5 pax)


  • Pick up at the hotel 06.30 AM
  • Jomblang Cave
  • Timang Beach
  • Pine Forest Pengger
  • Back to the hotel

Jog Tour Packages 5 (IDR 500k for 5 pax)


  • Pick up at the hotel 06.30 AM
  • Kalibiru
  • Kedung Pedut Waterfall
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Back to the hotel

Jog Tour Packages 6 (IDR 500k for 5 pax)


  • Pick up at the hotel @ 03.45
  • Sunrise at Panguk Kediwung
  • Pine Forest
  • Gondola at Timang Beach
  • Back to the hotel

Daily Tour Package 7 (IDR 500k for 5 pax)


  • Pick up at the hotel at 03.30 AM
  • Sunrise at Ancient Volcano (Gunung Api Purba) Nglanggeran
  • Sri Gethuk Waterfall
  • Timang beach
  • Back to the hotel


Here's How To Contact Us and Arrange for Service

To be met, whether at the airport, train station or your hotel, just message or email us at: 

 WhatsApp : +62 821 9602 7972
 Email : info.alvarotransport@gmail.com